20 September 2006

Naming a licence

So I like to name things (eiffel cut, gender bender, Lois Lane, turbo D, tiger, T-bone, alpha and beta pulls, etc).

But I need a new term for an aspect of Ultimate.

We talk about someone having a licence to pull, e.g. "Barry, that was a terrible pull, your licence to pull is revoked".

Now on a team with 14 average players, and one superstar thrower, a team may decide they want the superstar to get more touches, and take more risks with their throws, because the rewards are worth it.

And if the rest of the team is told they should engage their dump on a 5 count, but the superstar doesn't have to, because their throws upfield on an 8 count are better than the average player on a 0 count, what is the name of that licence?


  1. Well, there's a "look-off license" which has nice alliteration, but it's maybe a bit too general. How about a "dump-8 licence", with everyone else only accredited to dump-5?

  2. John Liddicoat suggested "captain's license". He was muttering something about Chilly and Fakulti captains... :)

  3. I like "Licence to Swill" just for the name, but I think it applies to something else that should rarely be granted.

    I also like Goldy's Look-Off Licence.

    Maybe something simple, like a Gold-Handler licence?

  4. Licence to Dowle?

    P-plates, where the P stands for Pottsy?