17 December 2012

Five days into the Explosive Ultimate clinics

Tim Morrill has come out to Australia to deliver his Explosive Ultimate clinics.

So far, it has been a real eye opener.

Tim giving advice
Tim has delivered a clinic to my club, Heads of State, as well four weekend clinics to many other Victorians.

His style is passionate, encouraging, and high-speed. He considers all questions carefully and has extensive knowledge gained from working with hundreds of elite athletes, from reading the literature and personal experience as an ultimate player, surfer and athlete.

Tim starts by outlining the demands of ultimate, identifying the movements we use in our sport, then explaining how to be train them. He has lots of appropriate cues.

While you are trialling the activities and movements, Tim is dishing out feedback and observing how you are going.

The clinics have covered the basics of speed, agility, strength and power.

  • Basic Ideas and Concepts for Weightroom
  • Exercises and Categories
  • Program Design
  • Knee Stability & ACL Reduction
  • Self Myofacial Release (Lacrosse balls)
  • Flexibility, Mobility & Warm Up
  • Activation & ACL Reduction (Bands)
  • Jumping Mechanics
  • Agility: Jab Step and Crossover Progressions (Ladders)
  • Conditioning

It's been really valuable having exposure in Australian ultimate to new ways of thinking about these issues. Historically, our knowledge about fitness and training has been piecemeal. We haven't had comprehensive expertise before on weight training, physiology, recovery and biomechanics from someone who understands the sport of ultimate.

Connect with Tim online, or attend a Explosive Ultimate clinic as soon as you can.

3 December 2012

Explosive Ultimate clinics - register now!

Here is an event for all Aussies to come along to!

This month, Heads of State Ultimate, in collaboration with the AFDA, Ultimate Victoria, UFNSW, ACTUA and QUDA are hosting Explosive Ultimate clinics.

Tim Morrill, elite fitness coach for ultimate athletes, will deliver two different clinics: Speed & Agility 101, and Strength & Power 101. This is his first, and possibly, only visit to Australia.

Tim will be sharing loads of expertise on how to be a better ultimate athlete.

Clinics are being held in Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney and Brisbane.

The full calendar for the Explosive Ultimate clinics is here

Sign up through the link on the relevant clinic page.

You can also follow Tim through these channels. Check them out!