27 November 2007

Where the toe points

Tommy likes to throw his forehand with his arm inside his non-pivot leg.

Jenny likes to throw her forehand with her arm outside.

Tommy's form is common to most North Americans, while Jenny's form is what Aussies usually use.

Advantages? Disadvantages?

Where you point your toe determines where your knee will go.
Toe pointed sideways -> arm inside.
Toe pointed forwards -> arm outside.

23 November 2007

Highlights of Monash at AUG

As a first try at embedding video, here is Monash at AUG, back in October (video by Gubz).

22 November 2007

WUGC2008 site gets going

The Worlds 2008 website is updated, and now has some worthwhile content.

There are descriptions of the accom (way cheaper than Finland 04), schedule and likely attending teams. I also expect the forums to get a workout from some Aussies - as soon as you can register for them. I got stuck at the security question: What is 1+1? The answer is 2, right? I swear it's 2. I've been to Canada. 1+1=2 over there, I'm positive. About = aboot, a buck is a loony, and 1+1=2.

There could be about 8 Junior Girls teams, which would lead to better draws than 2006 (with 4 teams). And 12 Masters teams, also an improvement on 2004.

Colombia could enter 5 divisions. They are obviously growing the sport over there: 3rd in Juniors 2006, regular blogging, Colombians regularly showing up in Australia and a bit of online presence.

And apparently Australia has expressed interest in entering the Guts division. Considering I've never seen or heard of a single guts game in Australia, this is unlikely. And any team we do send could get hurt :)

14 November 2007

Medicine disc

Many professional footballers, tennis players, baseballers incorporate a medicine ball into their plyometric strength training.

Free weights such medicine balls are more popular due to the bigger emphasis on compound exercises, core strength and training with movements that mirror the movements of thesport.

Hucking, pulling and catching are three of the actions which benefit greatly from upper body core strength. I want to train with something more specific than a medicine ball - I want a medicine disc.

Basically a disc that is about 3-5 times heavier than a 175g ultrastar. But can still be held comfortably in a backhand grip.

You can practise your pulling, pivoting and catching with it. Come game time, a 175g disc will be a piece of cake.