27 November 2007

Where the toe points

Tommy likes to throw his forehand with his arm inside his non-pivot leg.

Jenny likes to throw her forehand with her arm outside.

Tommy's form is common to most North Americans, while Jenny's form is what Aussies usually use.

Advantages? Disadvantages?

Where you point your toe determines where your knee will go.
Toe pointed sideways -> arm inside.
Toe pointed forwards -> arm outside.


  1. Australians who throw inside: Kenny, Abra, Dan Rule. Others?

  2. Anonymous6:57 pm

    Glad to see a post on this, O Shep... been a bit of a point of discussion in Brisbane of late. Mikey, Brett and I have all kinda been experimenting with it.

    I find that throwing inside gives the advantages of a more stable leg position, as well as the ability to get down and throw more quickly. On the downside, I have trouble throwing long (knees and elbows get tangled up with a bigger arm motion), and on IO flicks I think the disc is released closer to the body (which in combination with throwing in front of the leg means that it's more blockable).

    Another interesting side point... I've actually seen a couple of Canadians who have toes pointing outwards, but throw from behind. Don't have any pictures... but I think Anne Mercier is one? Going on memory here...

  3. I've been experimenting with this a little bit, just trying out what the angles and positions feel like. The toe pointing out feels a bit weird to me; I also asked my physical therapist about it, and she did think it was risking injury more than the other toe pointing forward.

    So I think I'll stay with toe pointing forward.