22 November 2007

WUGC2008 site gets going

The Worlds 2008 website is updated, and now has some worthwhile content.

There are descriptions of the accom (way cheaper than Finland 04), schedule and likely attending teams. I also expect the forums to get a workout from some Aussies - as soon as you can register for them. I got stuck at the security question: What is 1+1? The answer is 2, right? I swear it's 2. I've been to Canada. 1+1=2 over there, I'm positive. About = aboot, a buck is a loony, and 1+1=2.

There could be about 8 Junior Girls teams, which would lead to better draws than 2006 (with 4 teams). And 12 Masters teams, also an improvement on 2004.

Colombia could enter 5 divisions. They are obviously growing the sport over there: 3rd in Juniors 2006, regular blogging, Colombians regularly showing up in Australia and a bit of online presence.

And apparently Australia has expressed interest in entering the Guts division. Considering I've never seen or heard of a single guts game in Australia, this is unlikely. And any team we do send could get hurt :)


  1. What 12 Masters teams do you think might come? There were only 10 in Finland in 2004, six of them European (one from Russia, unlikely to travel to Vancouver).

  2. The TDs have got interest from Australia, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Sweden, United Kingdom and United States, according to http://www.wugc2008.com/teams

    I would think Italy (not that strong in Europe) and NZ (distance, depends who is playing what divisions) are the most likely to not follow through on the expression of interest, but that is just my idle speculation.

    Looking at the EUC results (http://www.euc2007.org/html/tournament/placings.php), the strong showings of Great Britain, Finland and France, mean they should be there. And the online stats (goals, assists) help with advance scouting/planning against opponents.

  3. You might also see a few familiar Aussie faces as well, Jim :)

  4. Hello,

    the Aussie folks won't get hurt playing Guts. I've been playing for a few years now and i ahve yet to be hurt.... just clip your nails.

    Please come to the WUGC. Find some guys that want to have some fun, and come out and play.

    Ryan Scott
    WUGC Guts Co-Director