13 August 2006

Would you use this?

Here is a blueprint of something I might make. Or someone else could make, but then I wouldn't get the profits, assuming there were any :)

An assemble-your-own-field kit. Includes 8 cones, 1 set of instructions, and an all orginal sideline measurer. The sideline measurer consists of a peg with cord attached, and the cord has handy, easy-to-see markers at 18m, 20m, 37m and 64m for all the key dimensions of a field. Just follow the instructions to use the sideline measurer and you can set up a field accurate to within 30cm with the least walking/running necessary.

No more adjusting cones 4 times each. No more short endzones. No more forgetting the field dimensions. The TD can trust anyone to set up a field with this kit.

Great for tournies and training weekends.

Asking price, only $30, or choose the budget version, with no cones, for $8.

Would you use this?

10 August 2006

World Clubs and its prestige

How will these World Clubs be judged? With the number of teams from Europe and North America significantly down on previous years, will it be seen as a weak tournament?

Will there be an asterisk next to the winners of each division?

In the US and Europe, how does winning World Clubs compare with winning UPA Nats or Euro Clubs?

The balance of teams was inevitably skewed by deciding to host Clubs so far from Europe and North America. But what will history's answers to these questions be?

Applying this to that

I have started my new job. I am redesigning a first year electronics subject, specifically looking at how the subject is taught, and ways to improve the teaching and learning.

When I read a theory or case study on physics education, or talk to a colleague, I can often see how it relates to coaching ultimate.

If you have different topics or environments, but similar techniques, you really start thinking about those techniques. So I am getting new perspectives on teaching each day, thanks to my two backgrounds: science and ultimate.

Perhaps I should add a third... or fourth...

I want to test my new science education methods in the ultimate world.