8 August 2007

You know they're good when...

You know a play is good when it is so impressive you had never even contemplated someone could do it.

Here are some of the most impressive plays I have seen or heard of:
  • layout D by the dump defender - to handblock the thrower
  • the soak: a handblock that gets caught
  • layout catch, but flying out of bounds - touching down with the hand on the way out, to prevent the turnover
  • leaping up for a catch, missing, but catching the macked pass on the way down
  • 2 handblocks in a point - on the exact same point on the field
  • no-look upside-down shovel pass into a running, yet unsuspecting, teammate's lap for a goal
  • a footblock at waist height


  1. The tournament...World Clubs 06

    The scoresheet looked like this...
    Goal: #10 Assist: #10

    The play went like this...
    #10 puts a swilly huck to the endzone on a high stall count. A pack gathers under the disc in the endzone and they all fly a touch too early. The disc comes off the fingertips of a defender and floats down into the waiting hands of #10, who had sprinted 30 metres to follow his throw assuming he'll have to play D.

    We've tried to forget about it but #10 won't let us.

  2. tournament - halibut 2006

    a certain Australian team captain playing with a broken left wrist, covered in bubble wrap - there are at least two instances of him going up in crowds of people, skying all of them, and catching the disc with the broken/bubble-wrapped left arm