19 September 2007

Queueing in drills

Let's say the aim of a drill you're running is to improve skills (as opposed to say, getting warmed up for a game).

Ideally the players get lots of opportunities to practise the skill you want them to improve. Improvement requires practise of the skill. This is not rocket science.

To do this, you should minimise standing around and queueing.

One of my bugbears is seeing drills run for beginners that require only one disc. Not only is 18 players using 1 disc an inane idea, if there is a drop or poor throw, 17 players get to stand around even longer watching one player jog over, pick up a disc, then jog back to the drill. The drill is stopped by an error. And errors happen with beginners!

Therefore I am proposing death to dump-swing-score. There are so many better drills out there.

In general, pick a drill that requires multiple discs. The drill usually won't be held up by an error. And the number of disc touches per player per hour (TPHs) will be much higher.


  1. I'm with you on that Owen. Whenever my team starts doing DumpSwingScore, I end up running around as a pseudo-defender, because I want to do something other than stand around!

    But your post begs the question - what are your top five drills then?

  2. I also make myself a pseudo defender in dump-swing-score on occasion :)

    And I have promptly posted 5 good drills.

  3. I am not alone in my views...
    The Cultimate Opinion has a post.

  4. Anonymous10:54 am

    where are the 5 good drills?

  5. Use the Blog Archive at right to find the next post in chronological order, or use the search box up the top.