11 December 2007

Silver, Gold and Bronze

The Asia-Oceania Ultimate Championships and World Beach Championships just wrapped up, and Australia brought home the medals.

At the Asia-Oceania Ultimate Championships, the Wombats came 2nd.

At the World Beach Championships, Australia came 1st in Open and 3rd in Womens. The women also won Spirit!

The Wombats join an esteemed list of Australian teams to win a medal at a WFDF Championships:
  • Return of the Red-Eye (3rd) - Masters - WUCC1999
  • Dingoes (3rd) - Open - WUGC2004
  • Crocs (2nd) - Mixed - World Games 2005
  • Terra (3rd) - Junior Women - WJUC2006
  • Eastern Greys (3rd) - Masters - WUCC2006
  • Thong (2nd) - Open - WUCC2006
  • Chilly (3rd) - Open - WUCC2006
  • Wombats (2nd) - Mixed - Asia-Oceania Championships 2007
The World Beach Championships aren't WFDF endorsed and aren't regular ultimate, but, crikey, I am proud those Salty Crocs brought home a gold! They ended quite a run of silvers and bronzes.

Australia seems to be doing as well as you can do without claiming a WFDF gold. In fact Sarah Wentworth may be the only Aussie with one (she played with Jinx, a German team and winners at European Club Championships 2005).

And with six strong teams being assembled for Worlds 2008, we may not have to wait much longer to fully close that door.

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