28 May 2008

Online learning

This is the first in a short series of posts on technology.

Dan Cogan-Drew has set up a new online tool.

It is openultimate.com

Check it out. You can enrol in a "course", which is a collection of photos, videos, blog posts and expositions built by the public. I believe you pass a course by contributing to the course discussion online.

You can create an online space for your team, where you can structure a course with the content you want. The US Junior teams have their own courses on there.

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  1. Hey Owen, check out http://www.the-huddle.org/ for more online learning. It's a collection of mostly North American coaches and top team players with their views on certain subjects. Pottsy has written for it too. It just started, but it looks good so far and I have high hopes for it.