1 July 2008

Special offer on ankle insurance!! Buy now!

Step right up!

If you're going to Worlds, we've got insurance for you!

Eliminate the number one ultimate injury from your list of worries!

For not $20, not $15, for less than $8 per week, we offer full ankle insurance. No concerns about sitting on the sideline after paying $3000 for that airfare!

Over 120 Aussie players are heading to Worlds - the odds are good that a few of you will roll those unstable ankles in a pothole in the next few weeks. I saw a Mundi go down just last week!

Just pay now and you can be sure those ankles are good to go on the fields of Vancouver.

Where do you sign up, you ask? Where can you take great advantage of this deal?

Well, wait one second, we've got more!

For a limited time, we won't just offer insurance - we'll guarantee no ankle injuries. That's insurance plus!

Sign up folks, sign up.

(Ankle insurance available from your nearest pharmacist, chemist or Yorston. Just ask for "tape".)

1 comment:

  1. Maybe AFDA should hand out wobble boards with team strips? An idea for the future perhaps? :)