25 November 2008

The Hat

Each year at the start of December, the Melbourne Hat rolls around.

There is the Friday night disc golf, the Hat draw, unpredictable weather, hats (I remember Jim Garvey bringing a horrible hat each year), an inevitable stacked team, foreigners flying in from the distant corners of the world, the crowd cheering for a role player who wins their hearts, and a couple of Normands commentating the final.

There is always someone complaining about the uniform colour that their team chose, although these days black, white, green, red and blue get fewer complaints than than some of the beige, pink, brown and lime combinations of the past.

My first Hat had Simon Gorr as the TD. I played on a white team with Dave Mac, I believe. We were winless, in part because the team wasn't very deep (I was a teenager and was unfortunately our second best player).

Were you playing that year?



  1. My first melb hat was in 2002.

    I played with Kelly O'Brien and Luke 'Coach' Mellor

    It was the super-heros hat and I spent the weekend running about with red underpants outside of my shorts. That have 'jack' stitched on the front and 'ass' on the back (a charming gift from my now housemate Mica Hartley), so I was 'Super Jackass!'

    I also remember Piers and a guy I later found out to be Tim Booth running around in matching fluro capes, leg warmers and masks.

    This was the tournament where I was introduced to '50% offence'. This was where 'Coach' Luke Mellor would throw the disc and then make the cut for the person he threw it to and then would repeat, getting 50% of the disc.

    Now I might add that this wasn't something that happened by chance. 'Coach' would specifically call the offence on the line in some of the points of the second day and that is how we played. We came 5th my best melb hat result ever.

    I can't wait for this years events!

  2. My first was in 97 (Simon Gorr TD), and despite my beginner ass dragging the team down, my team won, which wasn't surprising, we had Gack, Jim Garvey, Simon Wood, Nic Hanrahan (I think) and a handful of other notables of the day on the team.

    I haven't missed a hat since. :)