4 December 2008


The key to getting more people playing your sport is creating and publicising pathways. You want every player to start playing, and then move up to the next level of competition that suits their playing ability.

Some questions to spark your thinking on this:

In our region, how do players enter the sport?

How do we identify all talented beginners, offer them a taste of higher level ultimate, and ensure they can access the next level if they want to?

How does a player move from one team to another?

Are there pathways for both men and women? For 12 year olds? For those who start playing at age 30?

Do the coaches and administrators know what the existing pathways are?

Are there pathways within local clubs? Or leagues? 

What is the best way to communicate with coaches and players?

On a related topic, designing pathways for administrators and coaches will help the organisation and coaching of ultimate. But we have even more work to do in that area.

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  1. We've been having some thoughts about this in regional Victoria. With leagues going in Geelong and Traralgon, and hopefully Ballarat and Warnambool before too long, we're looking at establishing a mixed club representing regional Victoria on the Mixed Nats circuit.

    Obviously it's not as simple as starting the club and assuming things will happen, but we'll have a plan for 2009 and see how it pans out from there.