23 January 2009


I've played ultimate in 10 countries, and I realised I have 5 more lined up to play in this year. So how many countries is it possible to play ultimate in?

WFDF has a list of member countries: basically a shortlist of where you can play ultimate on Earth.

Skimming through it, ultimate is more global than you realise...
Find out what turnyrai are on in Latvia Lithuania.
See photos of beach ultimate in Busan, South Korea.

Watch a video of Canada winning the World Championships - in a magazine.

Learn whether Gujarat defeated Tamilnadu in the final of India's 6th Senior National Flying Disc Championship. 

 Croatia's first ultimate team back in 2005 (including some Slovenians, Aussie Anita and me).


  1. Sweet fields in India.

    Interesting to see that the teams in India are state-based. I wonder if those state teams operate as a club, or if they're representative teams from a few clubs.

  2. frisbee.lt is Lithuania. Latvia is LV. Lithuania has a pretty strong frisbee scene, with a number of club teams. Latvia hold a beach tournament every year called J├╝rmala's Bite which is well worth a visit.

    Nice work with Croatia. Croatian ultimate seems to be alive and well, and they managed to hold a tournament last year.

    I've played in 12 countries, and find organising a tournament into a holiday (or a holiday around a tournament) is usually easy enough.

  3. Thanks Wally. Fixed. Lietuva gets me everytime.

    Croatian ultimate is going places: http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=8TXMTTKKcUI

  4. Here's another place to find ultimate around the world: ffindr.com