8 February 2009

Grabbing clouds

You may have seen Beau jumping over a guy for a catch.

It got me thinking. Who are the players with the best vertical leap?

Post your link to the best photo/video of a player getting up.

I'll get you started with a photo of Matty catching one high at Seeds of Doom one year. For reference, his defender, Tim, is about 6'3" and in the air too.

Any photos or anecdotes of Dom Ventura back in the day?


  1. Best vertical leap - does that mean who can jump the highest or who can jump the highest relative to their own height?

    Surely the latter is a much more useful/helpful category, assuming decent height matchups across the board.

    JD gets my vote, he is a freak.

  2. Nah, it means who looks the most impressive in a photo or on a video :)

    Unless you want to run some benchmarking at a tournament one day (to measure maximum jumping reach minus standing reach).

  3. Where did you find this photo? I've been looking for it for ages. I know Andy Norman took it - seeds of doom 2001. I actually remember the jump, the highest I've ever been. Don't think I could get close now

  4. I think that photo was on VFDA's old website, and I copied it before it disappeared into cyberlimbo.

  5. I will shamelessly post links to my own photos from world championships in Vancouver. There are 400 more if you want them... ;)

    - Farmer


    particular favorites



  6. i used to have a decent jump coming from Volleyball and high jump (PB 180cm height 178cm)

    That said i dont possess the freak ability that the real good jumpers have. Mike nield and Matt on his day just have to ability to defy gravity and float mid air while catching a disc.

    Best short players JD and brett Matzuka.