4 March 2010

Olympics and ultimate

FFindr has a post on why ultimate is not in the Olympics.

I am not a huge supporter of getting ultimate in the Olympics. My goals for ultimate are growing the number of players at all levels, maintaining the positive aspects of our sport and improving the weaknesses.

Growing the number of players and public awareness is the path to getting to the Olympics. But the benefit of being in the Olympics is the same thing. Plus a slight sense of "ha, I told you I play a real sport on the weekends" which is pretty self-righteous, and worth avoiding.

Being admitted to the Olympics would likely mean changes to our sport that we may not want: different rules or refereeing, large corporations influencing the direction of the sport, people playing for the money, not the enjoyment or competition. There are some ugly aspects to the Olympics.

The Olympics are not the only time and place for great international sporting competition - the IOC and the funds of sponsors just work hard to make it seem that way.


  1. I'm in full agreement Owen.

    It's sports that are in (relative) decline that are desperate for approval via being an Olympic sport.

    We want the IOC to be knocking on our door, not the other way around. So lets prioritise the things that get us to that point - growing the number of players and general profile.

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