20 May 2013

The new offering from Morrill Performance: The Foundation

So ultimate fitness guru Tim Morrill has been hard at work...

He has compiled all his training structures, ideas and explanations into one ebook.

You also get a comprehensive set of videos included in the purchase. There are over 100 videos, to show you the exercises and movements described. One click in the ebook, and you are watching an example on Youtube that you can pause, replay or bookmark.

It's great value for anyone looking to elevate their ultimate game by learning how to train their body and  become a better athlete.

If you have been to a Morrill Performance Clinic, the content and ideas are all captured here. No need to guess what the ideal movement or exercise looks like. It will trigger your memory.

If you haven't been to a clinic, this is the next best thing to attending. Living in a different country to Tim is no longer an excuse to miss out!

The even better news is that it currently has $20 off the price. Pretty awesome since it is already the best money you can spend on your improving your fitness for ultimate.

Check it out.

See if you can spot Heads of State being represented!


  1. Any views on Melissa Witmer's Ultimate Athlete Project?

    I find it to have a good structure relating to a season, (something Tim Morrill's stuff lacks) however it is very frustrating that it is based on the US season.

  2. I tried it. The exercises are quite detailed: specific times for concentric and eccentric phases and resting, varying between exercises. This meant I had to check the printout a lot. Otherwise awesome. A plan telling you what to do, when to do it, with video examples and flexibility depending on how much time per week you have.

    If you print it off you can run it in your own season.