24 March 2006

Familiarity with a frisbee

I have read a story (urban myth?) about basketballer Magic Johnson. See the start of this bio of Magic. He would dribble the basketball incessantly as kid, with his right hand as he went to the store, and with his left on the way home. He would later grow up to be a master of moving the basketball around the court.

It's not very scientific, but I reckon it is helpful to take a disc with you whenever you can. Pick it up, flip it in the air, pass it back and forth while sitting on the couch, bediddle it. Gain a subconscious feel for the disc's weight, position and behaviour. And try to forgive those who call you obsessed :)

It can only help with when you are next juggling a bad throw in the endzone, trying to catch it.

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