26 April 2006

Is this Ultimate or a rodeo?

A thought on my mind: how do you know if you regularly do or do not straddle the thrower, unless you look? Particularly if you like to mark close? Which leads to the question, do you look where your feet are when marking the disc?

Nationals 2006 wrapped up yesterday and it was fun squared.

Interestingly enough, at halftime in one of Fakulti Q's games, the opposition captain asked me to discuss with my team the fouls on the mark and straddles we were calling. Have to say that I don't come across this situation too often. And this may come as little surprise - I asked him to have a word to his team about their fouls and straddles :)

I reckon that in 70-80% of instances where the thrower looks under pressure from the mark, stranded for a throw, and doesn't pivot, they are being straddled.

I guess I am a member of the "Call More Straddles" Party. No, correction - the "Let's Have Fewer Straddles" Party. Apart from abiding by the rules being something we all want (yes?), fewer infringements by the defence would improve the the flow and aesthetics of current Australian ultimate.

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