1 May 2006

More throws for your money

I competed in the disc golf at the Australian Flying Disc Championships on the weekend. While I missed the DDC, MTA, discathon, etc on Thursday and Friday, the golf was great fun. No wind, a serious yet jovial atmosphere, the different perspectives of the golfers, and a chance to improve my throws.

While Matt and I were the only two playing with ultrastars, we held our own. I posted rounds of 70 and 63, good enough to finish in the middle of the pack. Getting a birdie is quite challenging when the par 3s are around 100m long, and the trusty ultrastar only goes 60m. Must try golf discs sometime...

Luke, in my foursome, matched the course record of 47 with some very consistent play.

Lee mentioned a regular habit of his - playing a round of ultrastar golf with two discs simultaneously, one that he will only throw backhand and one he will only throw forehand. Sounds to me like a good way to improve your throws.

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