24 May 2007

Carrots and sticks

So I was thinking about the commonly used carrots and sticks that coaches and leaders use with their teams, during scrimmages.

  • pushups, eg 10 pushups for your team if you turn the disc over
  • laps, eg run a lap of the field/endzone if you get broken
  • yelling, eg "You're slacking, run harder!"
  • playing time, eg taking a sub if you turn up to training late
  • points, eg 2 points if you score from beyond halfway (to reward hucks)
  • praise, eg "Sweet dump defense during that last point!"
And I couldn't think of many carrots.

So here are some to try:

Yardage, eg if your team throws a break throw, they move the disc 10 metres upfield, then play restarts.

Manpower, eg if they get a block, they can now have 8 players on the field.

Mark ups, eg if they complete an earlier drill better, they choose the markups for a point (who marks who).

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