28 May 2007

Goals and accessing them

So I have wandered through ideas about goals and goal setting over the years. Some is here. I haven't found recommendations on clear cut best practice - seems more like a swirling soup of different people's opinions.

But making goals measurable is a recurring point.

Part of that is making them easily recordable and accessible. If you have to log onto your computer, open a spreadsheet, and tab over to a certain column, it is easy to lose the habit of recording your progress. Likewise if you record your progress on page 23 of a folder that disappears under bills, postcards and newspapers - the habit is hard to hold.

You want the goals and your progress to be staring you in your face.

So if online seems accessible, this could be useful: Joe's goals. A website with nothing to learn - just dive in and log your goals.

And for those not regularly online, the paper equivalent is to blu-tac a large paper chart on the wall next to your bed.

I will continue my quest for accessible, practical, easy methods for goal setting and measuring...


  1. So I guess this is just about personal goal setting - but what about team goal setting

    Should "winning" be a team goal or is it better to have a goal of "playing our best" etc i.e. something fully within your control

  2. The Beginning Coaching textbook has about a page of advice on goals - see pages 28 and 29.

    The point I like is splitting your goals into performance goals and outcome goals.

    I feel performance goals require more work from the team and coach (to choose, describe and measure), but often are more valuable.

    Some further points are here. Though I think some of the examples are a bit vague and hard to measure.