24 May 2011

Signs of not using the elbow

Here are some signs of a player not using their elbow when throwing a forehand
  • The disc turns over in flight (too much outside in)
  • The player thrusts their hips forward and shoulders back as they throw a forehand.
  • The elbow remains close to the waist before or after the throw.
  • The player cannot throw a wide forehand. 
  • The player is using a split finger grip (so they can hold the disc out horizontally, without it flopping down). Holding the disc vertically removes this need.
Any others?

To correct this, the player can hold the disc vertically, with their elbow out from their body and back.

Practise a forehand throwing motion several times and then throw, emphasising two things:
  1. Rolling your wrist under, not over, so it finishes palm up
  2. Moving your elbow through


  1. I am a high school player whose been trying really hard to learn, and this is really useful. Is there any equivalent tip for keeping your elbow away from the body throwing a backhand

  2. In my experience, the backhand is a more natural motion, so there are fewer problems to fix. For backhand tips, Brodie has a few: