2 June 2011

Fitness for ultimate athletes

There is so much valuable information on ultimate fitness now online.

I have discovered lots of new ideas through Skyd.

Tim Morrill and Melissa Witmer make use of videos to explain how to build fitness for ultimate. They are both professional fitness trainers and ultimate players, who have investigated how to improve your conditioning specifically for ultimate. I haven't seen many others who can claim all three of these things, and are sharing their stuff with the world.

Here's a taste.


  1. Hey Owen, thanks for the shout-out! Timbo is definitely the man with the videos. I'm more camera shy and just kinda verbose. However, this is one of my few video attempts which I think contains one important conditioning secret that most ultimate players do not think about: http://melissasultimatefitness.com/2011/lateral-movement-workouts/

  2. No worries. The programs I have designed in the last 12 months have included way more lateral movement work, and its great to keep seeing more explanations and examples.