18 July 2014

World Ultimate Club Championships 2014

From 2-9 August, the World Ultimate Club Championships will be held in Lecco, Italy.

"Lecco e il suo lago2" by Bernini Massimo
Ultimate has two regular world championships. 

Every 4 years, nations send their best players on representative teams to compete at the World Ultimate Championships. USA plays France, Japan plays Colombia and so on. This occurs in the Olympic years (2008, 2012, 2016, etc).

However, in the other even years (2006, 2010, 2014, etc), club teams compete for the title of world champions. For example, San Francisco Revolver plays Sydney Colony, London Iceni plays Vancouver Traffic. 

Perennial powerhouse USA is sending 16 teams across the five divisions. Canada, Japan, Australia and GB are not far behind, and this is a fair reflection of how these nations expect to finish: USA near the top, and the others looking to topple them. Ultiworld has profiled how the elite US teams expect to perform

Follow the action via Twitter, Facebook, the tournament website or Skyd.

The tournament by the numbers:

  • 10th World Ultimate Club Championships
  • 40 countries represented
  • 161 teams competing
  • 5 divisions (women, open, mixed, masters and womens masters)
  • 34 fields
  • up to 12 games per team
  • over 3000 competitors
  • 1 team returning from the inaugural WUCC 1989KFUM Örebro from Sweden

Good luck to all the Australian teams!

  • Women: STBAU (Victoria), Rogue (NSW)
  • Open: Colony (NSW), Juggernaut (Victoria), Sublime (WA)
  • Mixed: Batmania (Victoria), Roadkill (ACT), Hippo (Victoria/SA)
  • Masters: Phat Chilly (Victoria), Eastern Greys (NSW)
  • Women Masters: Primal (WA)   

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