26 August 2014

Team selections and the Ultimate Results Coaching Academy Conference

The first ever Ultimate Results Coaching Academy Conference has been run.

Melissa Witmer is one of a new breed: an ultipreneur, carving out a career in our little sport. She organised the conference that ran last week, allowing people around the world to watch presentations online delivered by the likes of Tim Morrill, Ben Wiggins and Ren Caldwell.

I was fortunate enough to be asked to deliver a talk.

My presentation was on Team Selections. To give you an idea of what I covered, my topics were:
  • Number of selectors
  • Planning your work
  • Communication with candidates
  • Deposits
  • Pro­active recruiting
  • Gathering information
  • Observing player candidates
  • Managing information
  • Providing feedback
  • Announcing the team
  • Player dismissal
  • Player application form 
If you get in quick, you can purchase access to all these talks, and the handouts, before the price goes up. I personally am keen to watch all the talks that I couldn't this week. If you are a coach or selector for your club, ask them to pay for access. Seems like a good investment for your club. To give you more of a taste, Skyd has a review. And I'll be blogging more about selection this week.

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